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We began a relationship with Tecnar during the early stages of the Galvalibs development to fill a need for real time zinc pot chemistry feedback. Over the years, we have worked closely with Tecnar to upgrade to the latest version of the Galvalibs. Tecnar customer service has been a high priority throughout the entire process and they have made several site visits to ensure proper setup, operation and maintenance of the system. Since the initial commissioning was successful and the Galvalibs proved reliable, we purchased a second system. Tecnar continues to hold customer service as a high priority to ensure we have reliable systems.

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The galvalibs 2.0 is compatible with:


Tecnar Galva Libs

Galvalibs 2.0 technical specifications

  • Chemistry

    • Soluble aluminum

      0.010 wt% to 10.0 wt%

    • Soluble iron

      0.008 wt% to 3.0 wt%

    • Soluble magnesium

      0.005 wt% to 5.0 wt%

    • Soluble silicon

      0.005 wt% to 12.0 wt%

  • Chemistry accuracy

    • Relative standard deviation


    • Relative 30-day drift


  • Plant utilities

    • Argon gas supply

      4.8 argon or better at 0.5 to 0.75 lpm

    • Compressed air supply

      15 cfm

    • Power requirement

      200-240 V/15 A

    • Computer interface

      Standard computer running WindowsTM 10 or later with Remote Desktop app

  • Maintenance

    • Lance inspection
    • Compressed air filter replacement
    • Annual probe maintenance
  • Dimensions and weight

    • Probe

      480 mm X 130 mm X 400 mm
      19 in X 5 in X 16 in
      27 kg / 60 lb

    • Controller

      810 mm X 300 mm X 1020 mm
      32 in X 12 in X 40 in
      100 kg / 220 lb

    • Cable conduit

      20 m / 65 ft (length)
      75 kg / 165 lb

Galvalibs 2.0