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Visualization Device (PIV) For The Particle Injection Zone In Radially Injected Plasma Processes
  At the ITSC 2007 in Beijing (May 2007), TECNAR has launched its SprayView system, a sensor specifically developed and optimized for the characterization of the injection zone in plasma spray processes.

It is well-known that in a radial injection type setup, the deposit efficiency as well as coating characteristics strongly depends on how the particles are actually injected into the plasma itself.
  In case where injection conditions are not ideal (worn injector, incorrect carrier gas flow, etc...), we can observe phenomena such as fine particles bouncing on the plasma, coarse particles flying all the way through the plasma, etc...
  1. The SprayView creates excellent contrast in between the injected particles and the plasma flame itself so that the injection cone can easily be visualized
  2. It allows for quantitative characterization of the injection zone, such as cone WIDTH & ANGLE, particles VELOCITY, ACCELERATION & TRAJECTORY/ANGLE
  3. LIVE videos can be saved and re-played for post-process analysis
  4. Abradables (see picture below) can also be further characterized with that device
  Click here to see the SprayView Video (en)
  SprayView Screen 1
 Picture courtesy of Sulzer Metco us.
  To know more about this system or to receive a quotation, please do not hesitate to contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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