Rotoweld 2500 (STT/SAW) Head
Workcell Developed Specifically For Industrial Pipe Pre-Fabrication STT Root Pass And Sumerged Arc Filling Passes
  The Rotoweld 2500 is the latest version of the Rotoweld technology. It was developed for Rotoweld users who handle mostly high thickness piping and wish to maximize both quality and deposition rate. It combines, into a single welding carriage; a complete SAW welding system for fill and cap passes together with Tecnar’s world-famous vision-assisted STT automated root pass process. Similarly to the Rotoweld 2000, the 2500 integrates machine vision, expert system and robotics technology into a complete work cell designed specifically for pipe spool prefabrication.
As with the Rotoweld 2000, the 2500 is a twin station (two rotators) with a continuous track system which allows motorized travel of the weld carriage to either work bays. The GMAW head, which includes the welding torch, the oscillator and the camera, is mounted on a mechanized arm that retracts out of the way when the root pass is finished to give the operator a full and unencumbered view of the joint for fill and cap passes.

Once the root pass is completed, the SAW head, which is mounted on a vertically adjustable column, is simply lowered in place and the weld is completed. It comes fully equipped with a pressure feed flux system, laser pointer and infrared interpass temperature gauge. The SAW power source delivers up to 650 Amps at 100% duty cycle.
Root pass
Process: GMAW “Surface tention transfer” (STT)
Power source: Lincoln STT

Wire feeder:
Miller type 64 (4 rools)

Fill & Cap passes
Process: SAW
Power source: Lincoln DC-655
Wire feeder: Miller type 64 servo driven(4 rolls, heavy duty)
Pressure feed flux system: Weld Engineering PFR-3
Torch positioning: X-Y, computer controlled, servo driven slides.
Torch oscillating: Computer controlled, servo driven oscillator.
Carriage: Manually controlled motorization.
Pipe rotation: Full interface with existing positioners.
Operating software: Custom (developed in Delphi).
Operating system: Windows
Operator interface: Graphic, point&click type
Computer: Siemens
Pendant: Custom made with non-proportional joystick.
Root pass: approx. 10 IPM.
Fill and cap: up to 20lbs/h

Formula to calculate the welding time:
Fill and cap passes Root Pass

W = (D X 0.31416) + (40 X T2 X D)
W is the welding time (minutes)
T is the pipe thickness (inches)
D is the pipe diameter (inches)
R is the deposition rate (lbs/h)

The formula is valid for a standard 37.5°bevel.
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