Rotoweld 2000 (STT/GMAW) Head
Workcell Developed Specifically For Industrial Pipe Pre-Fabrication STT Root Pass And Spray Filling Passes
  The Rotoweld 2000 system integrates machine vision, expert system and robotics technology in a completely dedicated package that produces high quality full penetration GMAW 1G girth welds, five times faster than manual SMAW.
Operating like the welder's eyes and hands, the RGMAW head continuously analyses the image of the weld pool picked up by a miniature video camera incorporated in the welding arm. Unique algorithms use this information to adjust welding parameters, constantly adapting the process to varying conditions such as changes in gap, alignment, root face or temperature. The computer's fast reaction time allows the machine to work at high deposition rates and travel speeds where weld pool conditions are much too critical to be sustained by hand.
The system includes thoroughly tested individual welding procedures for std and heavy wall carbon steel pipe. Additional ones can easily be created at our customer's request. The system's user friendly operator interface allows storage, retrieval and development of procedures through off-line and even on-line editing of welding parameters. Full encoder feedback servo drives on all major axis ensure absolute precision and repeatability of all programmed variables. The results: 90% arc-on duty cycle, 400% productivity increase and a clean, high quality weld every single time.
Root Process: Surface Tension Transfer (STT)
Root Power source: Lincoln STT
Fill Process: Spray Transfer/Flux core
Wire feeders (2): Miller type 64 (4 rolls, heavy duty)
Water circulator
Torch positioning: X-Y, computer controlled, servo driven slides.
Torch oscillating: Computer controlled, servo driven oscillator.
Carriage: Manually controlled motorization.
Pipe rotation: Full interface with positioners.
Operating software: Custom (developed in Delphi).
Operating system: Windows Operator interface: Graphic, point&click type
Computer: Siemens
Pendant: Custom made with non-proportional joystick.
Root pass: approx. 10 IPM.
Fill and cap: up to 20lbs/h
6”std wall: 4m 25s
12”std wall: 11m50s
18”std wall: 18m10s
24”std wall: 25m35s
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