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  Workcell Developed Specifically For Industrial Pipe Pre-Fabrication


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  The Rotoweld is a fully automated work cell developed specifically for industrial pipe prefabrication, small pressure vessel manufacturing or other similar 1G welding. It integrates machine vision, adaptive control and robotics technology in a completely dedicated package that produces high quality full penetration 1G girth welds, five times faster than manual SMAW.
  Configured for easy set-up and operation, the work cell will process spools from 4" to 42" in. diameter and up to 80' in length depending on the model selected. Twin work bays maximize arc-on time by allowing re-loading of one chuck without interrupting the welding on the other.
  Rotoweld 2500 during filling passes
  These welding systems use a new control technology to perform the full penetration root pass in standard open bevelled joint preparation. Operating like the welder's eyes and hands, the system continuously analyses the image of the weld pool picked up by a miniature video camera incorporated in the welding arm. A unique algorithm uses this information to synergically adjust welding parameters, constantly adapting the process to varying conditions such as changes in gap, alignment, root face or temperature. The computer's fast reaction time allows the machine to work at high deposition rates and travel speeds where weld pool conditions are much too critical to be sustained by hand.
  The system’s user friendly operator interface incorporates thoroughly tested individual welding procedures for each pipe size and thickness within the range of the workcell. Additional ones can easily be created at our customer's request. It allows storage, retrieval and development of procedures through off-line or even "live" editing of welding parameters.
  Full encoder feedback servo drives on all major axis ensure absolute precision and repeatability of all programmed variables. The results: 90% arc-on duty cycle, 400% productivity increase and a clean, high quality weld every single time. With its exclusive proprietary software and its streamlined modular design, these welding system are a true revolution in the pipe fabrication industry. Key Benefits 90% ARC-ON DUTY CYCLE 400% PRODUCTIVITY INCREASE CLEAN, HIGH QUALITY WELD. 
  Workcell description
  The Rotoweld 2000 and 2500 are installed on a track system which allows quick levelling and set up at the customer plant. On this track we set up 2 turn tables a welding carriage and idler rolls to level the spools.
  Depending on the customer needs, you select either spray/flux core or submerged arc welding for the filling passes. Rotoweld 2000 refer to the first option and the Rotoweld 2500 to the submerge arc filling, both system use the same root pass welding system with the choice of 60” or 65” chuck centerline height.
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