BAO STEEL buys its first GALVALIBS

libs iconBAO STEEL buys its first GALVALIBS for enhancing bath chemistry control
The world's 3rd steelmaker BAO STEEL purchased its first GALVALIBS system for continuous bath chemistry composition analysis. TECNAR is looking forward to work with the well-known Chinese giant for raising its pot chemistry control to new levels. GALVALIBS s/n 19 will be the fifth system sold to China in 18 months.
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Laser UT Application - Novel online inspection of aluminium slab casting

lut iconDate: August 2015
Laser UT Application - Novel online inspection of aluminium slab casting

A great example of the integration of TECNAR's PDL and TWM into an instrument designed for online inspection of aluminium slab casting. The system was designed by RECENDT as a proof of concept. See our YouTube channel for the full presentation and video.

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libs iconAM/NS CALVERT LLC buys its first GALVALIBS for on-line pot chemistry monitoring
TECNAR is proud to announce GALVALIBS s/n 18 will be shipping out to the US in Calvert AL early
October 2015. The state of the art steel production site, recently sold to the joint venture held by
Nippon Steel Sumitomo Corporation and ArcelorMittal, has four CGL lines. TECNAR looks forward to
assist AM/NS CALVERT in achieving the best quality in terms of pot chemistry control. A special
acknowledgment goes to the people from ArcelorMittal Cleveland, also a GALVALIBS operator, for its
involvement and recommendations for this project.
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Welding automation, pipe prefabrication Rotoweld Dearing Compressor & Pump Co

rtw iconDates: July 2015
Tecnar is announcing the installation of the rotoweld at Dearing Compressor & Pump Co
at Youngstown, Ohio.  

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Fabtech International / AWS welding show 2015

rtw iconDates: November 09 - 12 2015
At the
McCormick Place, Chicago, IL USA.  Rotoweld Automated Pipe Welding Workstation. Come and see us at booth # N26061.

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For more information about the Fabtech event click here or on the image above.
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From the THE FABRICATOR, highlight on the Rotoweld

rtw iconDates: March 2015
"Getting to the root of pipe welding automation" from THE FABRICATOR magazine... Read more
Highlight on the Rotoweld
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