TECNAR is pleased to announce its first Best Student Paper Awards for Laser-Ultrasonics

lut iconDate: August 2015
TECNAR is pleased to announce its first Best Student Paper Awards for Laser-Ultrasonics. 

The cash-awards are given to promote the advancement of laser-ultrasonics research and the development of novel applications. The first winners were presented at the LU2105 conference held at the Northwestern University in Chicago.

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The Best Student Paper Award winner is Mr. Thomas Chaigne of the Institut Langevin-ESPCI, France for his paper entitled “Photoacoustic-guided optical wavefront shaping in scattering media with improved performances”

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The Runner Up Paper Award winner is Mr. Thomas Mitter of RECENDT GmbH, Austria for his paper entitled “Casting defect detection of aluminum slabs by laser ultrasonic measurement”
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The Honorable Mention Paper Award winner is Mr. Hyun Doug Shin of MIT, USA for his paper entitled “Lifetime of Laser-Generated Terahertz Acoustic Phonons in GaN-based structured”
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From the THE FABRICATOR, highlight on the Rotoweld

rtw iconDates: March 2015
"Getting to the root of pipe welding automation" from THE FABRICATOR magazine... Read more
Highlight on the Rotoweld
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100th DPV!

sd iconDate: February 2015
We have sold our 100th DPV last December !  Read about DPV
 dpv evolution
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