François Nadeau, Eng., M.Sc.
  franois nadeauFrançois Nadeau graduated in 1978 from École Polytechnique and pursued graduate studies in plasma physics at the Institut National de Recherche Scientifique. As a researcher at Canada’s National Research Council, his work on arc physics earned him the 1982 “young inventor” award from the Canadian Association of Physics. From 1985, he led NRC’s Welding Automation research group where a new technology applicable to industrial pipe welding was developed. In 1989, he left NRC and founded Tecnar Automation Ltée to develop and commercialize this new technology. Within a few years, the development of the “Rotoweld 2000” was completed and the company successfully broke into Asian, North-American and finally European markets.Over the following years, the company’s close relationship with NRC allowed it to diversify into several other unique technologies in the field of industrial sensors. Still under M. Nadeau’s leadership, the company now employs forty people and sells its products in more than thirty countries over four continents. It has won several awards including the Development Bank of Canada’s 1996 “Technology based small business of the year”.M. Nadeau’s personal interest in innovation and entrepreneurship has fueled his involvement in various related non-profit organizations, notably Quebec’s «Association de la Recherche et de l’Innovation du Québec» where he has served as chairman of the board for several years.
  Luc Pouliot, ing., M.Sc.A.
Chief Operating Officer & VP Thermal Spray
  luc pouliotIn 1994, after completing his graduate studies in Engineering Physics at Montreal’s Ecole Polytechnique, Luc Pouliot pursued his career as a researcher in the field of micro-sensors and actuators. During that period, he worked on the development of gas sensors (CO2, SOx, NOx) for domotic applications as well as on the development of high-speed transistors based on III-V semiconductors. He then moved on from the academic to the private sector and joined TECNAR where he pioneered the commercialization of the DPV-2000, the first particle sensor for thermal spraying and still the reference in the thermal spray research community. He was appointed director of TECNAR’s Thermal Spray Division in 1999. In the following years, he grew the business and diversified its product portfolio to consolidate TECNAR’s worldwide leadership in the field. The Accuraspray is now TECNAR’s Thermal Spray Division flagship with more than 450 units sold in 30 different countries. In May 2008, as TECNAR was going through a period of restructuring and accelerated growth, Luc  wasappointed Chief Operating Officer and led the restructuration while remaining in charge of TECNAR's Thermal Spray division.In May of 2015, Luc took over an additional challenge: leading the Rotoweld division's business development.
  Jacques Blain, Eng., M.Sc.
Vice-President Software, Systems & Technologies
  jaquesAfter obtaining his master’s degree (M.Sc.A.) in engineering physics at École Polytechnique in Montreal, Jacques Blain worked nearly ten years at Canada’s National Research Council as a researcher and then group leader. As Tecnar's Vice President - Software - Systems and Technologies, he is responsible for the prototype development and first market deployement of our various product lines. He is also responsible for the design and commissionning of our internal CRM and ERP systems. His expertise in software design and his experience with technology transfer are key elements of the company’s success. When not working on the next big thing, Jacques can be seen polishing his argentinian tango steps.
  Marc Choquet, Eng., Ph.D.
Vice-President, Laser UT
  marc choquetDr. Marc Choquet cumulates more than 20 years of experience in non-destructive evaluation. He obtained his Ph.D from École Polytechnique of Montreal in 1990 for his work on photo-acoustics and subsequently spent 8 years at Canada’s National Research Council as a Research Officer working on laser-ultrasonics applied to non-destructive, non-contact inspection. During that period, he managed important projects, the largest being the development & implementation of an online laser-ultrasonics thickness gauge on a seamless pipe mill (The Timken company, Canton, OH, USA). He then moved from the research to the private sector & joined TECNAR in 2000 to start the company’s Laser-NDE Division. Ever since, Dr. Choquet has successfully grown that business to a point where it now accounts for 50% of TECNAR’s annual sales. Dr. Choquet’s current efforts are mainly focused around expansion of the existing markets (steel & aerospace industry) as well as penetration of new potential markets (such as the automotive industry). 
Alexandre Nadeau, Eng., M.Sc.A.
Vice-President LIBS Sensors / Tecnar CFO

Mr. Alexandre Nadeau is the son of President, Founder and Owner Mr. François Nadeau. Graduated from Ecole Polytechnique of Montreal in Physics, he completed his post-graduate studies in laser-ultrasonics applied to the characterization of thin coatings at Quebec’s National Research Institute. Mr. Nadeau plays a double role at Tecnar as Chief Financial Officer and Vice-president of the LIBS Sensors Division. Aside the daily responsibilities of being C.F.O., he also oversees engineering, marketing, commercialisation and international business development for Tecnar LIBS technologies. 

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