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Online Hot Pipe Thickness Measurement
  The LUT gauge is a novel online thickness measuring tool that is changing the way steel tubes and pipes are manufactured. The LUT (pronounced el-you-tee) gauge provides flexibility, ease of use and accuracy unequalled by other sensors. The LUT gauge gives fast information for rapid identification and correction of production problems.
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   LUT gauge enables:
  • Rapid verification of production tolerances without the need to wait for a cool down period;
  • Wall thickness measurements for a very broad range of outer diameter;
  • Gauging with a mandrel is still inside the tube, without affecting the accuracy of the measurement;
  • Acquiring data even with significant tube motion, (linear as well as bouncing).
  The LUT gauge is the result of years of development in the industrial application of laser-ultrasonic technology to steel tubes and pipes productions. Laser-ultrasonics combines the flexibility of optical sensor with the accuracy of ultrasonic wall thickness gauge. Until recently, only contact ultrasonic sensors could be used for tube and pipe wall gauging. Contact sensors cannot be used online because of the high temperature and fast motions of the product. Laser-ultrasonic uses safe laser light to generate and detect ultrasonic waves (high frequency sound waves). Since light is used to carry the wall thickness information, no contact is needed between the sensor and the gauged product. The LUT gauge gives true, not average, wall thickness of hot tube at precise locations, up to 100 times per second.
  TECNAR is the world leader in the development of industrial laser-ultrasonic applications. TECNAR’s LUT is a proven technology that has been in operation for several years. LUT gauges are providing valuable data to tubes manufacturers in several countries, from Germany to Japan.
  Behind an elongator:
The LUT gauge enables rapid feedback for both rotating and non-rotating processes. In a cross roll elongator, like Assel/Diescher mills, shell rotation coupled to a single fixed probe provides full circumference information. In a 2-roll or 3-roll mandrel mill, multiple probes (up to four probes) or single rotary-positioning probe are used to provide wall thickness at key orientations with respect to the rolls. For example, good feedback on the mill screw down setting is provided by two LUT probes at 90º angles for a 2-roll mill, or at 60º angles for a 3-roll mill.
  Behind a stretch reducing mill:
The LUT gauge allows for an economical solution to internal pattern and hexing identification with rotary-positioning probes.

The LUT gauge can be easily adapted to other processes like piercing/extrusion presses, pilger mills, planetary mills, push benches, 2-roll sizing mills, rotary sizers and expander mills. In all applications, TECNAR provides the optimum customized configuration to acquire the information you need for your specific process.
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