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Confocal Fabry-Perot Interferometer For Industrial Laser-UT Applications
  TECNAR’s FPC is a fully integrated laser-ultrasonic detection unit based on a confocal Fabry-Perot for optical signal processing. The FPC provides all the elements to make non-contact detection of ultrasounds in both laboratory and industrial environments.
  Laser-ultrasonics is a non-destructive inspection technique, which combines the precision of conventional ultrasonic inspection with the ease of use of optical techniques. Laser-ultrasonics is based on the use of laser light to detect ultrasound. Since light is used to detect the ultrasonic signal, no contact is needed between the probe and the inspected part. Hence, the FPC allows inspection in environments and under conditions that cannot be easily sustained by conventional ultrasonic systems. For example, laser-ultrasonic has been used to measure mechanical properties at high temperature and under vacuum conditions. Also, since the signal obtained is identical to wide-band ultrasonic transducer systems, standard ultrasonic data processing and data interpretation can be used directly.
  To extract the ultrasonic information from the phase modulation of the detection laser, the FPC use an actively stabilized confocal Fabry-Perot adapted for operation at a laser wavelength of 1064 nm (infra-red) or 532nm (green). The stabilization process is automatic and requires no operator intervention. The FPC will allow you to rapidly acquire data with minimum installation time.
  The FPC can be supplied with an integrated frequency-stabilized continuous wave detection laser. The laser power outputs are available for the detection laser ranging from 500 mW up to 2 W. For industrial application where even more laser power is required, the FPC can easily be coupled TECNAR’s pulsed detection laser, the PDL.
  The FPC always is supplied with an optical probe that focuses the detection laser light on the target’s surface and collects the reflected light. The probe is link to the FPC unit with optical fibers housed in protective flexible tubing. The optical probe can be customized to your specifications.
  To know more about this system or to receive a quotation, please do not hesitate to contact us at: sales@tecnar.com
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