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 Online Monitoring Of Thermal Spray Processes For The Shop Floor
  TECNAR Automation is proud to currently offer the AccuraSpray-G3C, a sensor specifically designed for industrial online monitoring & control of thermal spray processes. For those who are already familiar with the Accuraspray-G3 technology, the G3C version offers the same measurements at the same precision but in an all-Ethernet & further ruggedized package. AccuraSpray allows process-independent control of coating properties by providing precise, reliable, real time measurements of the average particle temperature, velocity and flow rate as well as the vertical position and profile of the plume itself. Values of these parameters are continuously recorded, displayed and compared, on screen, against user adjustable tolerances. DPV-2000 users all over the world have known for quite a while that the reproducibility of coatings obtained by spraying processes strongly depends on the ability to monitor and control key variables of the process. AccuraSpray brings this functionality to the shop floor. Test pieces and wasted production can be reduced and even eliminated entirely. Improved process control also leads to better forecasting of the coating thickness. Process-independent coating specifications based on particle properties can be developed. Electrodes and other torch consumables can be replaced only when necessary, not blindly based on the shortest life expectancy. Electrode life can even be extended by compensating small amounts of wear with slight adjustments of process parameters to bring back particle properties within specified tolerances. The AccuraSpray is based on a proprietary Windows operating software that works in conjunction with the instrument's custom optics and electronics to deliver real time, high precision data. The collected data is statistically analyzed, recorded and displayed in different forms.

 Available information and functions are as follows:

  • Mean particle VELOCITY & TEMPERATURE
  • Plume vertical POSITION, plume INTENSITY   and plume WIDTH
  • Tolerance intervals and alarms as well as strip charts for all parameters
  • Possibility to simutaneously display 5x strip charts for direct comparision.
  • Recording of all measured parameters for off-line analysis
  • On line adjustment of data acquisition parameters - MS-EXCEL type file formats
  • Possibility to save & replay complete experiments (including the video)
  • Buit-in TCP/IP protocol that allows for complete remote control of the system.
  • Special optics for enlarged measurement volume (optional for plasma heads)
  • Alarm box - Mounting plates for the sensor heads

... And more!

We invite you to watch the short video below that illustrates Accuraspray use
  As delivered, the system is capable of monitoring all currently used industrial processes without requiring on site reconfiguration. Please also note that the Accuraspray has been successfully used for the characterization of various materials deposited by either SPS (Suspension Plasma Spraying) or S-HVOF-S (Suspension HVOF Spraying).  Some information available in the DOCUMENTS section below (see Suspension Spraying.PDF)
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  To know more about this system or to receive a quotation, please do not hesitate to contact us at:
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