About Us
Tecnar develops, manufactures and markets advanced sensors for industrial process monitoring and control. Founded in 1989 as a spin-off from Canada’s National Research Council, the company has since diversified into four divisions focused around automated pressure pipe welding, thermal spraying sensors, non-contact laser ultrasonics sensors and laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) sensors. Through its highly specialized product lines, Tecnar has developed privileged business relations ships with a vast array of clients that include many of the world leaders in the fields of aerospace, power generation and heavy industry. Tecnar sensors operate in more than twenty countries distributed in all five continents.
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Mission statement
TECNAR is an innovating company that became, over the years, a world leader in the field of non-destructive sensors for industrial process control. TECNAR employees take pride in consolidating that leadership by manufacturing in a safe & environmentally friendly manner products that meet the highest quality standards.

In order to achieve that goal, TECNAR employees are committed to maintain respectful relationships with their colleagues, to build & value mutual trust, to show openness to everyone’s ideas and to openly recognize everyone’s contribution. They all acknowledge that the above commitment is the key ingredient to efficient teamwork as well as a harmonious working environment.

TECNAR employees are also proud to work for an organization that respects family values. Finally, they wish to feel, on a daily basis, that the upper management is listening to them and is ready to provide all necessary suppot.
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