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Cold spray process Individual particle characterization device

Long pulsed laser-ultrasonic detection laser
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The Coldspraymeter is generally used to:

Monitor/characterize cold spray processes
Develop spray conditions
Design and optimize spray nozzles
Validate models
Monitor sand/grit blasting processes or even shot peening

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Sensors, such as the Coldspraymeter, allow us to validate numerical models (CFD) that can then be used to design cold spray nozzles that meet specific requirements in terms of particle velocity. Furthermore, they allow us to better understand the spray deposition windows of reactive materials to ensure that we avoid powder reaction during consolidation and also to maximize the reactivity of the consolidated powders.

Prof. Bertrand Jodoin,
University of Ottawa, Canada

École des Mines de Paris
Helmut-Schmidt University
National Research Council
Nanyang Technological university
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