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Automated welding work cell for pipe spool prefabrication

Long pulsed laser-ultrasonic detection laser
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The Rotoweld 3.0 twin configurations include two separate work bays and rotators to maximize the work cell’s throughput by allowing one work bay to be re-loaded while welding in the alternate one. The motorized welding carriage travels between work bays along a continuous track system, which also guides the idler rolls to maintain perfect alignment along the full length of the machine.

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We’ve had Rotowelds in our Lebanon plant for over 15 years…These machines quickly became a vital part of our production operations…Through the years, the Tecnar team delivered excellent response, service and parts delivery and replacement…We purchased Tecnar’s latest Rotoweld model, the 3.0. It is a giant leap forward for technical advancement, functionality, performance and up-time. It’s been running for over a year now—absolutely trouble-free. Everything was re-engineered, streamlined and, unlike some of the newer technologies, technically intuitive…The new robot manipulator, standard Siemens controls and “off-the-shelf” hardware place the Tecnar Rotoweld exponentially ahead of all their competitors. Tecnar is more than a quality vendor and supplier—they are a direct part of our Perma-Pipe team!

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